Exterior Painting

Living in Pittsburgh, the outside of your home is subject to cold and snowy winters and hot and humid summers. These extreme conditions will challenge the longevity of your exterior paint finish.

Your home’s exterior finish serves two purposes. First, it creates the character of your home through the use of paint color and stain. Secondly, it protects the building material such as wood or pre-engineer product from rotting, rusting or decaying.

At Colorworks our philosophy is simple. Be diligent with the preparation process, including a thorough cleaning, sanding and priming process. Next, install the highest quality caulking as needed to prevent points of moisture penetration. Finally, apply only the best paint products on the market. This approach will ensure great paint adhesion, maximum durability and long lasting color retention for a beautiful finish.

Three men painting exterior of home while on lift
Colorworks exterior painting blue shutters on stone house